Good morning Colin,

Just a very quick note to thank you sincerely for your help and kindness yesterday.

As you possibly guessed, I was extremely nervous going into yesterday's appointment. That's why I enlisted my good friend and support to assist me.

We both walked out of your office feeling blessed that you had taken the appointment and had been able to give me sound and practical advise on how to best handle the situation I now find myself in. I felt relieved and more confident after our appointment, armed with advise how to move forward with caution.

You took the time to explain everything in simple terms that I could understand and gave me practical advice rather than solely legal approach. For all of the above I thank you.

We both agreed we would highly recommend you to any one needing a solicitor specialising in Elder law, estates, wills etc.

Thank you again for both your time and good counsel.
In regard to Mary Bova,

"Mary made such a difference in my children's lives. I will always be
grateful to her."

Dear Mary Bova…

"Please accept my appreciation for believing in me and trusting me. I feel
you took a personal interest in my case due to the injustice I have
experienced, especially with my children."