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Commercial Law

Our experienced commercial lawyers can advise you about all legal aspects of your business.

We are experienced in all aspects of Commercial law, so let us help you navigate through this technical field, whilst you focus on the running of your business.

Business Formation

The business structure you choose can have serious long-term effects. You’ll need to understand the potential benefits and risks, and of each business structure to find the one that suits you best.

Contracts and Other Legal Support

There are many ongoing legal requirements after your business gets started. You need an experienced corporate lawyer that you can work with as your company grows. There are never ending legal needs such as contract drafting and review, zoning issues and employee termination to name just a few.

Shareholder Agreements

A company constitution is only the starting point as far as your rights as a shareholder. A shareholder agreement is an agreement between shareholders of a company that sets out how the company’s owners will operate the company. It is often overlooked when companies are set up but it is a prudent step to take to prevent disputes later.

Buying and Selling a Business

Small business accounts for 97% of all businesses operating in Australia. Whether you want to buy a small business or have a business that you have decided to sell and move on to your next phase in life, we can assist with drafting and negotiating the necessary agreements. We can help you with the negotiation of the sale of your own company or the acquisition of another business whether that is by purchase of shares or the assets of a business. We can also help you with preparing for the sale of your business and, the arrangements you need to make in the documents that need to be available to show prospective purchasers.

Let our expert commercial lawyers assist you